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January 2016


My Aunt Manya - Jose Patterson's latest children's story details the journey of
Sarah a ten-year old immigrant, making her way to America.          For more details press here.
For reviews press here.


No Buts, Becky! is a period novel set in the East End of London in 1908. It describes the  life of poor Yiddish-speaking religious Russian Jewish families who, like many others, escaped to England from the widespread killing of innocent Jews, known as pogroms. The heroine, eleven-year-old Becky, and her young brother Yossie, live with their widowed father and their elderly grandmother.  Becky is shocked to discover that, following the custom of the time, her father has hired a matchmaker to find him a new wife.  Becky concocts several reckless and often hilariously brilliant schemes in order to wreck her father's marriage plans.


It is a fascinating story - for all age groups - describing how their lives are bound together by their  faith and the way in which helping one another was - and remains to this day - a basic principle of Jewish tradition.  Readers who are interested in Edwardian Britain and Jewish history will love it.  The book is beautifully illustrated throughout by Patricia Drew.


No Buts Becky! is available in paperback, hardback and e-books through all good bookshops, Amazon, Troubador Publishers. ISBN-10: 1780884389



A truly beautiful book, with excellent line illustrations, and a letter from Becky to her dear dead mother finishing each and every chapter.  An inspired piece of writing.

Books Monthly


I was sad when I got to the end because I wanted it to go on forever

Alessia age 10


This is a very interesting portrayal of  period and place not usually covered in children's literature.  Recommended

American Association of Jewish Libraries


An inspirational story extremely well-written and will resonate with anyone who has a heart.

People's Book Prize Competition Reader's comments

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